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Greetings from Downunder! I have been lurking around the forum since I quit smoking 12 days ago using Champix. So many lovely people here so

I thought it was time I jumped in and said hi!

Feeling good about my quit so far - smell has returned - and everything stinks - didn't realise how smelly the world has become!

I don't allow myself to think about cigarettes - and have been going for a walk if any cravings creep in - some days are better than others - but I dream about the day when I stop thinking about them altogether. I know it is going to happen - I just wish it would hurry up! :)

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Hello WW and welcome.

Congratulations on twelve days down already ;)

Although each of us are different, I found I was about three months in before I realised that my every waking thought was not about a cig, then about 6 months in I realised hardly any of my thoughts were about cigs, so be patient and you will get there. I know exactly where you are coming from with the smells thing, but, you will also start noticing nicer smells too, like fresh rainfall and flowers and they far outweigh the nasty niffs :D keep up the fab work and keep posting :cool:


Welcome Wascally, is that a place name or animal lol. Champix is brilliant, makes quitting easier. As time goes on you will have more times when smoking is not constanly on your mind.

Its a habit that needs breaking. You are doing really well, take a day at a time x

LOL Deb, Wascally Wabbit is what Elmur Fudd calls Bugs Bunny! xx


Hello from me too WW :)

So glad you've done lurking and started posting. Everyone here is friendly, encouraging, kind, wise and generally lovely so you will never lack for company, support and advice whenever you need it. Please do keep posting about your experiences as we would love to share your journey with you. There are may successful Champix quitters on the forum and I am sure they can provide you with any help or advice you require.

All you need to do now is to keep putting one foot in front of the other and the weeks will soon start to build up. 12 days is a mighty start- a huge well done to you from me. :D


Hello WW

Welcome to the forum and it was lovely to read your positive post.

With an attitude like yours you're half way there already so I wish you lots of luck with your quit.

Stick with the forum for lots of support along the way.



Hi just stopped by to give you a warm welcome from me.

Great to have you with us, just read and post as you want or need always some one around to help.

Look forward to your future posts:)

Doing very well indeed , so just keep going:)


Thank you all for the warm welcome - I know I am in good hands here :)

Day 13 nearly over and full steam ahead to the 2 week mark - woo hoo!

It hasn't been a breeze - the cravings are still there, mainly when I am patting myself on the back for my progress (yes, that little voice that says to reward yourself for your abstinence - with a cigarette). Bah!

I have been a smoker for nearly 30 years so don't really remember my 'other' non smoking self as we haven't kept company for such a looooong time. Must say though I quite like the 'me' I have been discovering over the last 13 days. More confident, more relaxed, more sassy and last but not least - smelling lovely!

It's this discovery I think that has me so intrigued to see what lies further down the road. The journey has begun.



WW, that's a wonderful post and so true. It took me 30 years to see sense too and I am SO glad I did. I can honestly say it gets better every day...:)

Good on you and may Week Three prove to be a breeze.


Allo WW, welcome ! I used Champix too. :)

Post often, and good job ! Looking forward to more updates from you. :D


G'day WW, good to have you on board :) best of luck with ur quit xx


Day 14 nearly done - lying in bed reading you encouraging messages. I am noticing the occasional hour or two slips by without thinking about them - and the time distortion seems to be ending - early in my quit the days just seem to drag on forever....

I am eating for Australia though - but at least limiting it to home cooked food - no junk allowed. I hope it is all the new tastes and not just eating for comfort. I am not sure which it is yet.

I have always been active, but have now doubled my ration to 45mins in the morning and same in the evening with my trusty 4 legged friend to keep the extra calories off. Hard work to get out of a warm bed at 6am when it's cold and dark and/or wet outside, it helps not to think about it. Brrrrrr!

Looking forward to posting tomorrow - beginning week 3!



Hi Wabbitty

It's great to have you on board and well done for your journey so far. Sounds like you've made some tremendous strides. And your perceptions seem quite aware (I really resonate with that 'reward yourself for not having fags with a fag?!?!?!).

Give my love to Australia - was there back in 2008/10!


Wishing you the very best with your quit WW. Reading everyone's postings is really helping me with the distorted time I'm having at the moment.

Keep up the great effort!



Will do Badge - just might take a while. hehe

Champix side effects include insomnia, so I am taking Valerian and St Johns wort to try and get off to sleep. The Dr has given me Stilnox - but I am too scared to take them - lol. Read about ppl sleep walking, sleep eating and sleep shopping on line and having no idea until they see the crumbs in the morning or the credit card bill arrives - scary. Apparently you must go STRAIGHT TO BED after taking them, as they can make you hallucinate as well!!

The other thing is the um..... the gas. It is horrible. I expect I may be doing my unfair share of greenhouse gas contribution at the moment, I so wish it would stop. I get tummy aches at work holding it in - and there's always someone in a cubicle when I go the loo. It's only at home I can toot with gay abandon - and have revenge on the dog at the same time :D

Day 15 almost done and dusted. I think I can almost see my teeth a little whiter, my eyeballs definately are! My skintone looks more even than it ever has so haven't even worn slap this week - just a bit of mascara and lippy :) My hair feels soft and it's nice to be able to smell the shampoo, I have apologised to my co-workers, (whom are mainly non-smokers) about subjecting them to my cigarette stink over the years and they have forgiven me unequivocally :p

Gosh, there's so many positives I could go on and on..... but I think this post is long enough already.



Wabbit, it's amazing how quickly you start to see the difference in your skin tone & teeth isn't it? It really surprised me as I had honestly not realised what an effect smoking was having on my skin. It's lovely when your hair smells only of shampoo too. I spent a fortune on shampoo & conditioners when I quit due to the novelty value :D

Day 16 for you today. May it be a good one. :)


all the best ww with your quit,im on champix as well....coming up to 1 month whoop .no sleep problems just still getting nausea in the mornings,but hey they are doing their job,smoked for 40 years .cravings do get better ,smelly wind doesn,t LOL good luck my lovely .ange


Hi Deb - no rude dreams :( Just occasionally dream I am smoking and have a couple of times woken up in tears thinking I have ruined my quit - only to realise it is just a dream, then like YAY!!!

Yep Skid, same same - it is a novelty, and I douse myself with perfume as well- enjoying the smell on ma clothes and in ma hair :)

Disappointed to hear the gas business is not going to improve anytime soon - oh well - can't be helped. Rather liberating in away as I do havea very good excuse.

Had a bit of a wobble yesterday - cravings came out of left field around lunchtime. Didn't fold, went into town andshopped for some clothes using money I haven't spent on this filthy habit :D.

Feeling much better today - thank-you. It's Day 17 for me and looking forward to my 3 week mark this Friday.



Hi there WW. a welcome from me too. I hope you get the chance to blog a bit. Its always nice to hear about each other and our coping mechanisms. Message me anytime and I'll get around to replying at some stage.


Breathe free and stay safe

(On day 7 - Approaching week 2)

First day - nicotine gum (yuck)

Since first day - Cold turkey.


Day 44 Checking in

Helloooo everyone!

Just checking in to brag that in four hours I will have been 45 DAYS WITHOUT A FILTHY CIGARETTE!!!! Sorry I haven't been posting but erm..... I have just been ENJOYING my NEW life!

Since quitting -

I am so much calmer and relaxed.

I am $880 richer to date....

My confidence has reached dizzying new heights :D

I can laugh without wheezing - so have been laughing A LOT!

I smell G-R-E-A-T!

I am warmer - the proof is the new temp setting in the house was 22oC now 18oC (was sweltering at the old temp)

I am no longer AFRAID about my future health.

I don't live my life in 20 minute blocks anymore.

The house smells like a house - not a ****** ashtray.

Every day is 2 hours longer - (which I used to waste smoking - bah!)

Much love, courage and strength to all - especially new quitters!



Wonderful post! Lots of positivity and you are seeing all the benefits not even seven weeks in! Good stuff and congratulations long may your positive outlook continue :) xx


Hurrah for the Brilliant Bunny! :D

Wabbit, I'm really, really pleased for you. I hope you're suitably proud of what you have achieved. It's lovely to hear you sounding so upbeat and positive. Your post will be a true inspiration for aspiring quitters and newbies.

Well done indeed! :)


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