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Day 32


I can't believe I made it this far!

I have not smoked for 32 days

I have not smoked 798 cigarettes

I have saved $502.20 and 53 hours of my life -- in addition to the time that will probably get added to the end of it :) - love these quit apps that monitor your progress.

I am now no longer using the inhaler, just lozenges and only about 4 of them a day.

So if I am doing this well, why do I feel so lousy. Still angry all the time, tired - sleep patterns all over the place. But I do think even these are getting incrementally better.

I decided to wait until I had been off the smokes a month before I told my son I was quitting. He is an adult and has always hated the fact that I smoked, he will be very proud of me I know. So once I tell him there will be no going back - I could not stand the disappointment on his face if having given up I went back to it. Although my health is still good, I know he worries about it a lot.


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Hi, doing so amazingly well, day 32 is a huge achievement, so a big well done from me:)

Yes it's going to be a bit of a roller coaster, it's a strong addiction you're leaving behind, and mr NICO will try and get you back, but your stronger and you are proving what ever he throws at you, your not giving in.

So feeling rubbish is all part of the quitting process, but hang in there. You should be so very very proud, and I promis you will feel better soon, the longer the quit, the easier it will become I promis you that.

I look forward to your future posts, Well done:)

It really is all perfectly normal Kaz. My MIL (who quit CT at the age of 82 :)) always says that she wishes someone had told her that you feel worse before you start to feel better, so that she would have known what to expect. You will come out the other side soon I promise.

Your son will be SO proud of you! :D

Well done Kaz- you're a star.

Well done on 32 days Kaz.

We are all here feeling it with you and knowing it will get better soon :)

Thank you all very much for your kind comments. This forum is really helping immeasurably. I couldn't do it without the support from this forum.

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