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Harder when away from home


Hi all

Went away for the weekend with OH. Somehow he didn't notice that I wasn't smoking so halfway through the weekend I had to point it out. He was very supportive after that.

What I have learned over this weekend is that it is harder for me to stay on track when away from home. I felt less in control and was craving more than any days so far. Can't remember who on the forum advised sipping water to help with cravings, but I would just like to say thank you. Think the sipping on litre after litre of water helped to save me.

On the plus side, still smoke free on day 7 :D

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Very, VERY well done, C, for overcoming that hurdle and so glad the 'tip' helped you to stay on track, plus you've identified an area that you can watch out for, though I'm sure that will get easier. You should feel proud of yourself. Way to go!

Thanks so much, to be honest I wonder if my struggle this weekend was more to do with being without this forum, rather than being away from home.

When I got home I was oh so close to lighting up, since logging on here I can feel myself coming back into the zone.

Note to self...... If I go away again any time soon........ You lot are coming with me :D:D:D

Glad your OH is now aware you have quit, Cam, and that he is being supportive and is proud of you. :)

Well done for getting through your weekend away. It is as the others have said-every new situation tends to bring new triggers with it at first, but the more you encounter and surmount the triggers the stronger you become and the less it happens. You really are to be congratulated on what you have achieved so far. A big fat week all done. That's fantastic! :D

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