No Smoking Day
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4 weeks today!

Day 28 today, go me!

Really chuffed as I went out with my husband last night for a meal then to watch a band and it was great not to keep nipping outside, I had quite a few drinks but no desperate need to smoke so I didn't use the ecig (I took it in my bag just in case) and we were with three smokers!

I dreamt I smoked though, woke up and the disappointment felt real for a few minutes, followed by relief when I realised.

At this point my skin looks better, the bags under my eyes have improved and I'm now sleeping really well. :D

Well done to everyone else in the forum also :):):):)

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Yay Nicky!!

That is a great achievement! One month!!!

Into Month 2 we go!!

One day at a time and we will do this. :):):)

Bev. xx


Fantastic Nicky. Oooooone month - top dog (or in this case, top dancing cat!)


Many congratulations Nicky! :D

You're doing fantastically well. As TG says, smoking dreams are a good thing and part of the healing process. It's such a lovely feeling when you realise it was only a dream isn't it?

Anyway, here's to your second month- how wonderful is that? :)


Well done Nicky,

Month 2 here you go, so pleased for you.


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