No Smoking Day
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Testing times

Hi all,

Day 6 today! Cravings manageable, feeling confident but... Oh man, this not being able to sleep is tough. Having difficulty falling asleep, then difficulty staying asleep and then difficulty staying awake during the day.

My boyfriend returned from a week away last night. Had not told him my awesome news and wondered how long it would take him to notice. (He quit smoking nearly 3 years ago). He still does not seem to have noticed :(

I thought the new sweeter smelling, softer hair, and fresher skin Cam would be very obvious!

We are off to London for a romantic night in hotel etc..... Surely he will notice soon.

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Took mine 3 days to notice, but then I always went outside to smoke and he has no sense of smell.

Good luck for today. I bet you can't wait to get that first week under your belt.


Well done on getting to day 6! What an achievement!! Keep doing what your doing:) I'm right behind you on day 5 and feeling the same way:) we can do this!

I have the same plan as you with my partner! He works at sea for 5 weeks at a time, and I'm just wondering how long it will take him to notice :)

Enjoy your weekend!


Oh Cam just when we need our men to notice the new us. .? What they like.....

While you are having these horrid withdrawal symptoms, they will pass it's just the little demon😈 trying his hardest to make you smoke.

Enjoy your night away💖

But please post if you are struggling, some one on here usually has had the same problem, and will give you support...


Cam, that's men for you ;)

If your OH is anything like mine, you'll probably have to tell him. He'll be dead chuffed and proud of you I bet, but you'll be waiting until Doomesday if you leave him to figure it out for himself. Hunter-gatherer syndrome I call it. Women, being natural gatherers, notice things because we think laterally. Men, being natural hunters, are good at focussing all their attention on one thing at a time and therefore have no sense of anything not immediately obvious and directly in front of them. :)

I hope you have a lovely time on your London jolly! Won't it be fantastic to stay at a hotel and not have to worry about where the nearest smoking are is? :D

Well done Cam, you're doing wonderfully well.


Allo Cam, so happy to see you on Day 6 !

Took 3 - 4 days for my OH to notice, does takes awhile.

On another note, we are dropping the weed for ourselves, so let's cheer ourselves onwards ! Have a great day ahead !


Well done Cam, I'm sure he will notice while you away. Enjoy your London trip and have fun :)


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