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No Smoking Day
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Hello all

Hi all,

Where to start. Quit date 17 April, so officially 70 days free of the dreaded nicotine.

I have visited this forum many times and felt comfort and inspiration from many of the posts - a massive thank you from me!

I have wanted to join many times, but haven't felt that I would be able to offer much encouragement to those starting out on their quits, but have come to realise that it is equally important to share these tougher moments, so others (including myself) realise they aren't alone and although each quit is different, there is many a shared experience or symptom!

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Us newbies (12 days) need the 70 day-ers like you! Ups, downs, left, rights and sideways - it seems all is welcome here, which is a relief!

Many congrats and do share your journey...



Hello everyone!

Well I am a complete forum virgin, but after reading through several posts on here I felt compelled to join!

A little bit about me...

Have attempted to quit the evil devil that is cigarettes a few times...obviously all attempts were unsuccessful, hence why I am here! Started smoking when I was 15 (remember vividly saying to myself 'I'm only 15, I won't get addicted') smoked approximately 10 a day from the age of 15 to 20, with a couple of breaks in between (down to ex boyfriends not liking it...probably the only thing they were right about!) went backpacking and started smoking too much too frequently and am now 25 years of age, and smoking 10 to 15 a day. I have always said 'I'm still young, mid twenties, I have loads of time to quit' but at 25 I have been putting poison into my body for a decade.

I started this attempt to quit 5 days ago. I have a weeks holiday from work and thought it would be the perfect time to try. Day 1 I had 2 smokes, day 2 I had 3 smokes, day 3 I had 2 smokes and days 4 and 5 (today) no smokes.

Now here is when I could do with some advice/experience.

The last couple of times I have tried to quit it has been slightly out of the blue. You know when you only have 1 smoke left and it's late at night, you think to yourself 'I'll smoke this last one tonight and go cold turkey tomorrow'. The fear of knowing that I would be in work for 10 hours without any smokes in my bag would lead me to buy a packet before work (even if I wasn't craving) just in preparation! So this time I have planned better. I also have half a pack of smokes in my draw...I've found that knowing they are there if I really need them, has diminished the initial 'fear'. Anyone else tried doing this? Going cold turkey (without any patches, gum etc) but still keeping half a pack with you...am I going to shoot myself in the foot?

The other thing that is making me anxious is going back to work next week. So far I'm coping ok, wake up wanting a smoke and have to keep myself busy at times to occupy my mind, but overall I'm feeling ok. However, my job can be quite stressful at times, and I am in such a routine of going for smokes at certain times of the day...I'm worried that I will do all the hard work this week, and throw it all away when I get back to work.

Last but not least...I feel as sick as a dog! The human body is amazing, and the way it reacts in such a short space of time really does make you realise just how bad cigarettes are for your body. Basically It started with a sore throat on day 1, then an even worse sore throat on day 2. This sore throat has now turned into a full on cold...not any normal cold...I'm talking about a man cold...it's that bad! Anyone experienced this? And if so, did it only last a few days like a typical cold would, or will it continue for a few weeks?

Thanks a mill for reading this. As I said at the start I've never used a forum before, to be honest I always thought that whatever I was dealing with I could deal with on my own...but stopping a habit that you have done repeatedly 15 times a day, every day for the last decade, is actually quite difficult!

Any tips/advice would be much appreciated!


Welcome to both Asil and Rach lovely to see new people joining in, this place is awesome, you will get lots of support if u need it and make some truly wonderful friends along the way, good luck to you both xx


Great to see more new people here. Welcome.

Asil well done on the 70 days, are you starting to feel like a non smoker yet?

Rach you are obviously very scared of quitting and not being able to cope. Fear is the biggest reason I carried on smoking for so long. You need to understand that your brain has become dependent on nicotine. You are an addict. The fear that you're feeling is your brain panicking because you are depriving it. Your brain thinks you need nicotine to survive in the same way that you need air, that is why it's already putting doubts in your mind.

I did the same as you, quit in a holiday (stressful job) and for me it worked. I was terrified of returning to work and the first day back was tough but OK as I kept telling myself you've been smoke free for a week you can do this. However once I got through that first day it got better quickly. The fear went, deep breaths work just as well as smoking to calm you down and it dawned on me that I could cope without smoking. The fear was conquered, the craves took a bit longer:D


Hi to you both, and a lovely warm welcome.

You have truly come to a great forum, with such a large family members.

Please post and read, as and when the need is with you, maybe just pits for fun👯.

Good luck.:)


A huge welcome from me too, Asil and Rach. :)

I can only echo Tracey and say read, read, read, post and read. There's nothing about quitting that someone here hasn't experienced at some point or other and the collective wisdom on the forum is second to none.

You're both doing fantastically well (Rach, I promise you'll come out the other side of your 'quitters flu' soon, horrid though it is at present- it's quite normal and many of us went through it too) and I shall look forward to hearing more about your respective journeys to permanent freedom. :D


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