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Day 5!!!!

Evening all:)

Well after my wee wobbly this morning I have been absolutely fine! Still smoke free and as of 6pm I entered the 96th hour;)

The ulcer I felt this morning has now turned into a lovely little cluster at the back of my mouth on the top gum and directly below on bottom gum there's another appearing :(, very painful and completely getting in the way of my chocolate binge lol! Another thing I've noticed especially after teeth brushing tonight is my gums are bleeding more than usual! I do have the start of gum disease confirmed by dentist last check up, so I think ill book an appointment Monday to give mouth a good clean !! (when the ulcers settle down)

Cravings are less and less today! I've removed my patch in the hope i can get some sleep tonight! I am a rubbish sleeper as it is and to cure the boredom I'd have a smoke! Last night was dreadful, I was agitated I couldn't sleep then even more so because I couldn't smoke because I couldn't sleep!

With all that said, I'm in a very positive happy place! my freedom from the dreaded weed is right in front of me and im grabbing it with both hands! Had quite a few lightbulb moments today when I got my stubborn bum out of a sulk! :D

Come at me day 5.........:)

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Thanks tractor girl! It's amazing how quickly our bodies start to heal! I've noticed a few subtle things already and It's only spurring me on! :)


Well done Laura :D

Soon all those annoying side-effects will be behind you. It is lovely when you start to notice all the positive benefits of quitting and they become more and more apparent as time passes.

Nearly a week under you belt now! :)


Congratulations Laura! ! Glad to see you on Day 5, your success is motivation for me !


Thanks skiddaw! I'm plodding on! Week 2 will be here before i know it!

Mornings are definitely the worst for me! My kids are off out with grandma today so I'm gonna have a nap and see if I can shake off my irritable mood! On the plus side my house is sparkling hehe!

Edge- Likewise buddy! We've got this ;)


Well done Laura, you'll have a week in the bag in no time. x


Whoop-whoop! This is brilliant. Very well done Laura. Wobbles are allowed - as long as you get support for them here ;) ;) ......Rootin' for ya!


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