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Day 4 .... Struggling a bit!

Day 4 - again does a happy dance:D

I'm not going to lie I'm struggling today a bit, my craves are very strong for some reason! I literally have a voice screaming ' I want a smoke' , but I'm digging deep and replying with I'm not having one!

I have had an hours sleep which isn't helping, and my children, my little darlings,god bless them chose the wrong school run to misbehave, not do as their told and hide their school shoes Grrrrrrr lol cue me having a tantrum at the front porch! Both kids are probably now super happy to be in school haha!

I have also developed a few ulcers in my mouth? Has anyone experienced this?

I have noticed a massive difference in my skin! and my hair feels a lot silkier:) also yesterday I was walking uphill and wasn't clinging onto the road in a wheezing mess at the top! hehe! soooooo....

Here's to day 4! It's an absolute rotter for me so far but I'm pushing through it head on, even though I wish to hibernate until day 5! it's a day where I need to take it by the hour:) I can do this!!! :D xx

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Well done on getting to day four Laura.

In the first week it really feels like everyone is pushing all your buttons, especially children. I only have one at home who's 18 and this last month even she has been winding me up (more than likely the lack of nicotine though).

I feel for you with the lack of sleep, I had that problem also but it's starting to massively improve now. You can do this, one day at a time - or hour.:)


Excellent advice from TG there, Laura. I really can't add to it other than to say that I found it helped to manicure my finger and toe nails and have a long hot soak in the bath with a face-pack. It can't hurt to try it anyway :)

Incidentally, whilst I (thankfully) wasn't visited with mouth ulcers it's a common quitting side-effect so nothing to worry about.


Thanks for the advice guys..... It's getting easier as the day goes on, I have my water bottle, which is helping so ill stick to that:) and yep when the kids go to bed ill be in my day 5 zone and treat myself to luxury bath! why not! Cravings aren't as strong as they were:) although I do find myself journeying to the back door a lot today and remembering I don't smoke anymore! Doh! Lol xx


Hi Laura, a great start to your quit, a massive congrats from me.

It's so early in your quit, and the symptoms you are presenting with are all as TG says quite normal. But these will pass, after all if it was easy to quit, then no one would smoke, but your determination shows in your post and doing fantastic, just keep doing what your doing and all will be ok.

It's just so horrid some times, nearly a week wow now isn't that great.:):):)

Keep posting and reading


Hi and VERY WELL DONE...on getting to Day 4 - that is an AWESOME achievement. As I have found in my embryonic 12 days at this 'challenge', it is completely normal to a bit strange if we weren't I guess! But these great guys on here with all the wisdom, encouragement and inspiration are literally the wind in the sails to keep going through the tough times and the struggles. You can do this!


im on my day 4, craving more than the previous few days...

have a hoarse throat and well, coughing up quite a bit of phlegm...

damn i miss smoking :P


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