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Mind is playing tricks on day 10!

Day 10 and what a week! Last night I had an INTENSE crave brought on by a fraudulent charge to my bank account. It was a helpless feeling knowing I couldn't do anything about it until today. Stressful.

Then last night I had dreams about smoking. I woke up with anxiety... feeling like I had failed. Thank God it was just a dream! It felt so real! My body literally remembering what the buzz felt like. My head is playing tricks on me!

Woke up at the crack of dawn with anxiety... Rather than go over and over it in my head (I tend to get trapped in circular thinking... maybe I'm a stress addict too?) I got up, had breakfast & I'm starting my day.

I have to keep lists of what I want to do because my head is still so fuzzy. I just need to remember to stay calm, be patient with myself, and DO NOT STRESS NO MATTER WHAT! Stress is poison to my quit. It's not worth it!

Uuuuuugh :/

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Has anyone else had issues from dreams of smoking?!?


Hi Shan

Lots of people on here have had dreams of smoking during their quits apparently it is a positive sign that your not thinking of smoking in your concious mind? Debbie knows more about it she has a book on dream definitions, I don't think I have had a smoking dream hence me being a serial quitter I have yet to get to the stage where smoking isnt on my concious mind ;) hope the anxiety has calmed down a bit now and your day is getting better x


How are things today Shan? Better I hope. :)


Shan, I had dreams, and I'm on Champix.

They were vivid, and I remember them after I woke up, but it's not every night that I have them. To date, only 3, one was I was 'torturing' a cat, going after it with a skinny cane :eek:, second one was smoking, and the most recent one was kinda adult in nature. :D

Probably normal to have some dreams now and then, seeing that quitting smoking is such an emotional roller coaster, at least for me. I hope I have a dreamless sleep tonight.

Hope you are doing OK !


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