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8 Months

Just checking in to let you all know that I'm still going and have made it to the 8 month mark! As some of you may know, I struggled a lot during my 6th month, not sure why but something just came over me and was very close to smoking - so glad I didn't!

Things are going much smoother now, rarely think about smoking at all, me and my friend (we quit together) often joke about it and when things go quiet one of us might come out with 'cig?' like we used to when we got bored, straight to the fag packet. It's good to get to a point where it can be lighthearted memories of smoking, rather than intense cravings you get earlier in your quit.

I definitely associate smoking with a negative era in my life. I was a moody, depressed teenager that didn't care about his health or the amount of his parents money he'd use on cigarettes. :rolleyes:

Not long until I reach the 12 month mark now, which is my ultimate goal. I think I will truly feel like a real non(ex)-smoker. :o


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Lewis, that's fantasic news!! Really pleased to hear how well it is going now. I can't believe it was already two months ago that you were feeling so low and stressed out. Time has just flown past.

8 whole months! That really is wonderful. I shall be cheering you home in less than 4 months now- how exciting! :):)


Well done Lewis, I am so glad that sticky patch didn't catch hold for good - onwards and upwards ;)


Hi Lewis,

What a lovely positive post, so happy for you that you came out the other side of your rough patch, well done on your 8 months xx


Thanks everyone, I genuinely couldn't do it without your support!

If I can get to this point, literally anybody can. Always remember when you quit because it's when you fail to do that, you start to weaken. I now just look back, see that greasy chain-smoking teen with so much self-loathe and know the reasons I smoked were not for pleasure. More so that I was that angry with the world and myself that I didn't want to take care of either.

Now it's my turn to return the support, so others can feel this positive too. :o

Lewis :D


Well done

Well done Lewis, that is a fantastic achievement for a fantastic young man.x


Just fantastic, love it well done;)



Well done young man. Just brilliant:)

Fi x


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