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Dilemma help!

You see be hind my back my oh went, to see original eye surgeon, to say was not doing good, after many phone calls,my original surgeon has given me a appointment, he does not do private now ( to do with tax) so nhs. In late June, not to sure how to handle this, I know should put my big girl knickers on and say you have stuffed my life, but in reality think will just fold under and cry.

Wish I was harder, but quite sensitive, I just well up even typing ? Nightmare x

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Tracey, my suggestion is that you go, but take your OH or someone else close to you along for moral support and to provide another pair of ears or intervene if appropriate. I should also compile a list before-hand of what you want to say, what you want to ask and what you want to achieve from the meeting/any follow-up afterwards.

I think however the meeting works out if you don't go you may regret it later. But TG is right- it has to be whatever feels right for you. You've been through so much pain and anguish already.

Whatever you decide, I shall be sending lots of good wishes and hugs your way.


Ummm ummm not to sure as what


Tracey, very sound advice from the others - wishing you all the best xx


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