No Smoking Day
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A bad weekend

Went from hardly thinking of smoking - to non stop wanting to smoke from Friday afternoon till now.

Took the family away for the weekend , to Rosemary hill farm just outside Pretoria - my stepdaughter and her kids wound up " tagging" along and she n my OH smoke it up like a Storm. Every time they lit up I kept thinking I would KILL for a smoke I ever verbalized it a few time only to be met with looks of shock and then told " don't think about it , you doing so well!!"

On a positive note my energy levels where through the roof , and rode non stop with the kids n grand kids ( step grand kids) however the the step doesn't feature ! It amazes me how useless some men can be! Their father is an unemployed layabout who can't look after his family financially and would rather go out with the mates to drink and smoke , than spend a good clean weekend with his kids and family ALL EXPENSES PAID .

It makes me wonder what has become of the modern man are there any men left? Cause my daughters are finding it , hard to find any !

I would even be happy if they just had a BACKBONE !

Any way that's my Sunday night rant n rave STILL DYING FOR A DAMN SMOKE!

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Hi Dude,

Sorry to hear things have been difficult this weekend but well done for standing firm. It isn't easy when people are chain-smoking around you. However, you're quite right to focus on all the wonderful positives such as having heaps more energy and being far more active than you were previously. Well done you! :)

You sound like a dedicated and committed step-father/grandfather and I am sure your family appreciate you as you deserve to be appreciated. It'll be you they think about, rather than their biological father/grandfather, when they remember their childhoods and the fun days out they had.


Hey Dude

I can see the steam coming out of your ears from a continent away. I'm so glad to see you posting and venting. It's too easy to reach for the old baccy when you're so annoyed at somebody and a situation. Hard being surrounded by smokers as well.

Their reaction is interesting don't you think.... the shock...... even smokers think that you're a non smoker now. Stick with it.:D


Well done on not smoking when surrounded by others that do, and also for focusing on the positives of not smoking like having plenty of energy. It must have been nice to have spent time with your family, even if you did have lots of cravings. x


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