No Smoking Day
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Day 3 almost over :)

Feeling ok, had nearly a whole packet of biscuits for dinner... Not good at all:D but I haven't smoked so every cloud and all that ;) tomorrow will be over halfway to the first week again... Ah it does make me sad that I failed at the end of March but it's no good dwelling on it I guess all of these failures are a learning curve and persistence will pay off eventually :)

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Dear Donna,

Rooting for you as always. :)

I have a really good feeling about this one...:D


Hope you're day 4 is ok Donna, nearly there on the first week.


You can do it! Soon it'll be a week, then a couple of weeks and in no time at all you'll be in that Penthouse. You know you can do it (: x


Thanks all, it is hard not to dwell but hey ho day 4 and I have been having training in work by the police for safe guarding children... The statistics given of children being abused and neglected in the UK is beyond horrendous... Kind of puts things into I ballsed up for a month, no biggie, back to it now that's what counts x


Just look on your previous quit as the practice run for this quit which you will win out.

Good luck:)


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