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Issues with passive smoking while quitting?

Hi guys! So I tried to quit a few months ago and only made it to 8 days. I'm trying again (Cold Turkey) and have nearly done 11 whole days. My issue is that the people I live with smoke like chimneys... Indoors. Up until now I've been ok but today I just feel like I'm suffocating on stale smoke. I have hidden in my room all day with the door shut and windows open but honestly all I can smell is stale smoke and I swear I can actually taste it. I feel so sick from it :(

And as well as giving me a mighty headache; I'm beginning to wonder if passive smoking makes any difference to quitting? Am I inadvertently cheating in some way? Is there any point in quitting when I'm literally surrounded by secondhand smoke?

Any opinions would be appreciated, I guess I'm just feeling pretty down. Not because I miss smoking in any way but because I can't seem to get away from the filthy stuff. It's really depressing when trying so hard.

Hope you're all well. Chrissie.

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Hi Chrissie, well done to you on quitting, it must be so difficult especially if everyone in the house smokes, are they members of your family? Perhaps they might go outside for a puff if u mentioned it? It's such a problem isn't it I'm lucky because nobody has smoked in my house it was always outside so any smokers that visit already know the drill they have to go outside! I would have a word if it's family members they might go outside as a way of supporting you, if it's housemates though I'm not sure if there will be anything you can do because as much as you want to avoid it and I don't blame you it's unreasonable to expect others to change their habit because we have, unfair I know :/ and as for cheating no way have you, although passive isn't great it's a darn sight better than inhaling all that crap straight from the cig :eek: so keep up the good work and I hope you can find a happy medium at home that suits everyone :) xx


Hi Chrissie,

Good to meet you and many congratulations on your quit. :)

Dear me- that is a difficult situation isn't it? From what you say it sounds like you're in a shared house and I can imagine there is nothing you can really do to prevent the others from smoking indoors unless they are such good friends that they will all agree to support you in your quit by going outside (which is probably pushing it a bit however well you all get on).

If it is really beginning to feel impossible you might have to consider making other living arrangements but obviously how possible that is will depend on your circumstances...

All I can say is well done for managing to quit despite the presence of a bunch of smokers. Not easy at all and it speaks volumes for your will-power.


You could always ask your housemates if they mind going outside or having an allocated room. If I was sharing I would certainly be more inclined to support you but that of course depends on your relationship with them. At least you can take comfort in the fact it is not making your decision to quit harder, many would crumble. Draw your strength on the fact you can't stand the smell and use this as that extra support to stay quit.

Keep strong 👍


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