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One Month Anniversary today

It was my one Month Anniversary today of not smoking at 9.30am this morning and I am very happy to scream out loud that I did not remember until 2300hrs this evening. Last week I was missing smoking, although I did not want a cig due to the first taste and smell, what I relialised I was missing was my longest dearest friend that I always had with me at all times for 25 years. In the past I related smoking to many happy social occasions and last week I had a few of those very happy social occasion it was really tough times, however I did not give in to temptation :p yeah :D

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That's truly fantastic! :D

Well done you. Not only have you put your first month to bed, you didn't even notice its passing. That speaks volumes for your mind-set. :)


Just to add, a month under your belt, is a great achievement.

Just keep doing what your doing!. A recipe for success.

Pleased for you:)


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