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Come and join the april army :)

Following on from the great success of the freedom fighters, I have started a group for people who quit in April, I was a member of the FF and really valued the extra support and solidarity I felt giving up as a group, stupidly... I went back again for a few weeks but now the April Army is born so if you want to join for extra support and chat away from the main forum please do, don't leave me in there on my own :D:D

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I have joined I'll speak to Sherri b later and get her in...nice to see you back so soon xxxx

Excellent :) I am sure there are a few of us but Im not sure who quit in April, or how to find out?


How do I join?


Click on quick links > social groups > Spring Army >click join and then you can post and interact on there if you want to :)x


I joined the group


Nice one Matt :cool::cool:


I want to join!

I need all the support I can get just now.

But how??

Think: old lady and technology when you explain :D

Where is the 'quick links' button??:confused:


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