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Feeling more comfortable with my quit

Well it is strange that all of a sudden, you know like a rainbow being there when you look up, or just about to say something and some one else says it!.

I do feel ok. Although I don't feel sorry for smokers far from it, I just don't feel anything toward them, as I will not allow my mind to register other smokers.

All of a sudden I just feel fine, still with my best friend (patch). That said, I enjoy not needing to find time to smoke, mornings, after work, after food. I,m quite fortunate that alcohol does not affect my quit, so no triggers there (thank god). That would be to much lol

So THANKYOU all for your continued support, it has definitely been a massive contribution to my quit. :)

Bring on tomorrow .

Have lovely smoke free day

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Really glad to hear things are looking good for you Hun xx


Never doubted you were going all the way to Planet Penthouse Tracey and it's quite clear from your post that you know it too. :)

You have great inner strength and wisdom and with those qualities you can't but succeed.

Well done you! :D


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