No Smoking Day
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Day 47

Still cruising. Cravings for the weed are once every couple of days and are fleeting. Treated the last craving I had with a sniff of my old ashtray...blurgh! Nasty...

In a sense now I am dreading my brother visiting next month... He is a hardened smoker and is a member of the "smoking is one of my few pleasures" brigade!

It's not the thought of him smoking anywhere near me that bothers's the stink of smoke after he comes in from do ex-smoker deal with that without being rude?

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You don't. He's a smoker so he smells just like we all did. I have many non-smoking friends who were nice enough not to complain that I smelt.

He's your brother and you love him so bite your lip and let him smoke in peace.


Maybe I came across wrong guys..I haven't gone all holier than thou anti smoking so far.but the smell makes me literally want to heave, whether that is down to the renewed sense of smell I don't know.


Try not to worry about it (easier said than done I know), but the more you dwell and think about that fact that he will smell like smoke - the more it will make you crave one.

You need to turn the negativeness of the fact that he is smoking in front of you into a positive use it as a reminder as to why you quit i.e. 'he is having a smoke and he smells, since I quit, I do not smell like that anymore which is making me a more approachable person.' or 'I am now x number of pounds financially better off because I am not smoking any more, this means I can actually afford to go away for the weekend to celebrate reaching the 3 months smoke free point'

I am fortunate that I can stand and talk to a smoker and not want one, and I don't mind the smell of a smoker either, but I know that if I was to hold it for them for whatever reason, I would start smoking again, because it is the habit of having the cig in my hand. You may find that after this length of time, you have a similar reaction.


I would make him wear air freshners that u get in cars round his ears and a stick on one on his forehead lol x

I,m liking this idea, made me smile

On a more serious note, for the first time on Sunday I had a smoker in the house, so he went out side to smoke how did I handle this, well I know it's not the most obvious way, but every fag he went to smoke, I put 50p in a dish, as I guess cigs cost around that much, any way he left and I had saved £4.50. Yippie yippie. I managed the day fine, kept my sanity and saved cash just great. Roll on next weeks visit:cool:


Thanks guys. Yep you suckered me there. Should have spotted it...what an eejit!


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