Flying !!!!

Just checking in , still quit and into the second month!

Have not thought of smoking the WHOLE weekend , however that might have to do with the fact I spent it around non smokers and mountain bikers !

What a fantastic time , I feel like a kid again **HUGE GRIN** it's sad that as we get older we forget about the simple things :

Riding a bike

Standing in the rain

Rolling in the grass

Climbing a tree

Sharing a sandwich

Sharing a coke

Holding hands

A kiss hello

A kiss goodbye

Watching your kids sleep

After this weekend of good clean fun I won't take things for granted anymore life is to short , and I have already wasted 20 odd years of it being an unhealthy stinky smoker!!!

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  • Great post, love your positivity, :cool:

    We have a second chance with our buddy grandson, he's two.:):):):(

    We have great fun, laughter all the things that you can't buy. Your so right

    Weekend sounded great fun .

    Your doing a amazing job pleased for you .

    Look forward to your posts

  • What a lovely post, you are quite right we do forget the small things that make us happy... As smokers we were all consumed by our habit... Sounds like you had a great weekend, congrats on getting to month 2 :)

  • I just love your posts :):):):):)

    You are a breath of fresh air :):):):)


    Totally agree:)

    Fi x

  • This post is amazing and made me smile in the middle of the bad day I am having so thank you x

  • Really lovely post Dude :)

    Such a positive and happy thing to read. Well done you!

  • Great post Dude, how far have you come ay!!!!:D:D

  • Fantastic post and huge congrats to you!!

  • I should be on my Knees thanking ALL of you, if it wasn't for all the kind words and help EVERY LAST one of you , has given me I severely doubt I could have made it this far, I am and always will be deeply indebted to you and this forum that has become my " Sanctuary"

  • What a lovely thing to say Dude :)

    I think that goes for many of us. It's such a wonderful and supportive community. :)

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