No Smoking Day
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You know you want to quit. As your reading this!

Benefits of smoking. Ummm can't think of one. Am trying ummm, no definitely cant think of one.

Benefits of quitting.


Smell sooo much nicer

No yellow finger nails and teeth.

Skin so much nicer not grey, but a Rosie glow.

Clothes smell nice.

House smells nice

My word the savings you make are huge.:):):

No buying mints to mask the smell of stale smoke,( believe me if you don't smoke you can smell a smoker from a great distance.):o

Nice kiss and cuddle with other half, no having a bath prior to getting cozy on the sofa.

The list is endless.

Now as for quitting, all on here, have been in your shoes, slightly scared to try but the proof is here, many many people have quit long term . You can also be a ex smoker if you want.

Go on give it a go, nothing to loose. ( well apart from your lungs). Lol

Lots of help re assistance champix, patch, gum, inhalers just so much help out there.

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More wonderful, wise and heat-felt words from our Tracey. :)

Any newbies reading Tracey's post, it's all perfectly true. You really can do it too if you want to.


Great post Tracey!

You need to keep coming back to this whaen feeling 'low' xxx


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