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Day 8 - quote from Al Carr

Just woke up to day 8. Wanted to share something I read in the allen carr book.

He talks about the enjoyment of cigarettes being an illusion. We all know that although we crave them, if we were to smoke now, it would do absolutely nothing for us and taste horrible.

Allen Carr compares it to a child craving a cream bun he has seen in the window of a bakery. But when he gets close he realizes that the bun is made of cardboard and shaving foam!

Hope I explained that well

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Thumbs up, great day 8 and counting:)

Just keep going:)


Thanks for the support guys.

One thing I am having trouble with is overeating! I am eating crazy amounts of food - when does this stop?


Matty, you eat as much as you like mate. It'll slow down eventually and rather a few additional pounds than gallons of nicotine.

Isn't it nice to get your sense of taste back! :)


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