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Day 1 newbie

Hi all,

I have tried to give up smoking a few times but never for very long, managed 10 days after reading Allen Carr, and recently 5 days with patches. However, one puff and before I know it I'm back to my 20 a day habit, been smoking sine I was 12 I'm now nearly 35, so a long time. Had what I hope to be my last cigarette last night and put a patch on first thing this morning, however, I suffer with terrible headaches from the patches so I have just removed it and am hoping to go cold turkey. Any positive experiences from others on going cold turkey would be much appreciated.

What was your worst days? How did you get through them? And how long does the withdrawal last doing cold turkey?

Many thanks in advance for any replies, I'm so desperate to quit this time so your support means everythin

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Welcome to the forum:)

I had a similar problem with patches and after hundreds of failed attempts I decided to just GO for it!!!

As giving up is mostly on the head anyway:rolleyes:I started on low dose patches to take the edge off the CT when I felt I was through the worst .

It's not easy but if you really really want to stop stick with it.

Drink water brush teeth chew gum post on here read rant scream when you have to:Dwalk run read post rant:)

Do anything except light up.It just puts you back to square one,

Be positive and can do this :D

Good luck.



I'm afraid TG is right it's the mental side of it. Just as long as you know that you're in control then you can do it. Just distraction distraction distraction. The first few days are the worst but the restlessness will pass and after that it gets easier.

You're making the right decision and this forum helps so much along the way, especially when you're struggling but also to celebrate every milestone.

Good luck with your quit x


A big welcome from me too LCT. Many congratulations on your quit. :)

You've had some excellent advice already and there are many people on the forum who have quit CT so it's worth reading as many posts as possible (there's also a CT quitters social group- click on 'Quicklinks' and you'll find it).

One thing I would add is do use some nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) if you reach a point where you can't cope with going CT any longer. I know you've had a bad reaction to the patches but there are plenty of other forms of NRT (lozenges, gum, spray, strips, inhalers, etc) and one of them may well be right for you. Don't lose your quit for the sake of a crutch to get you through those early days. If you have a local smoking cessation clinic/booth/drop-in it is worth asking them for some advice.

Anyway- just hold on in there. One of the forum regulars said recently that a successful quit is ultimately a matter of just keeping going and she's quite right. It does get easier even if it feels impossible right now. You can do it! :)


Thanks for your replies

I'm not feeling so bad at the moment, although only removed the patch a couple of hours ago so know this WILL change. Really appreciate all of your advice and have already considered using some form of nrt if needed, I guess a short term headache beats a life time of smoking.


Hi LCT and welcome to the forum. I wish you the best of luck with your quit.

;) Since you said you have tried many times unsuccessfully to quit (as have I:o) I am with Skiddaw, I would try some form of NRT.Lots of choices available and I think it may help you. I tried CT many times and just couldn't make it past 28 days. NRT helped immensely. Now using Chantix and feel this working the best for me.

Whatever you decide, we are all here for you. :):)


Welcome to the forum LCT. Hope today has gone OK for you.


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