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One month

Today is the One month mark! I feel good to have gone a month, and it doesn't even feel like its been that long.Still taking the Champix until the 3 month dose is done, just cut down to half dose. Things are going great, i find the last week i have smoking on the brain more then i did the first week i quit..found myself thinking some not so good thoughts, like, Oh you don't really feel all that much better smoke free why did you bother...and, summer is here almost, going to be pretty boring sitting outside soaking in the sun and not smoking.. stupid things like that!! its kind of annoying me, as i don't crave or want a smoke, i think im just missing the part of my life it filled before, i dont know, but i have been shutting down those thoughts, real fast! and moving on!

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Jinx, a big thumbs up from me! I guess it will take us a substantial amount of time for all the nasty thoughts of mr NICO to leave us. (If they ever truly do). But I can see your on your guard and ready for the little demon.

Lovely post, can see your on the way to the penthouse:):)


Brilliant post Jinx, let the thoughts just wash over you, keep it up xx


Yayyyy good job, well done. I'm not far behind you. I understand what you mean about the summer, it's going to be a challenge I think.


Well done Jinx- time has really flown by hasn't it? Flipping fantastic to get your first month under your belt. :)

Every time you get through a trigger situation it gets easier so I am sure after a few drinks outside the pub it will be second nature to you to enjoy the experience without thinking of fags.


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