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5-6 month glitches

Anyone else at this stage and feeling a bit shaky and experiencing the odd twinge of temptation to go bum a ciggie and have a smoke? How evil is this 6 month craving attack?

Guess a lot of it is down to life stress and suddenly finding myself with no outlet to try 'self medicate' that pressure - this was done before with smoking and alcohol.

Why is so hard at this stage to hold on and stay focussed and motivated? anyone any tricks and tactics to keep us on the straight and narrow and not give in? Id be absolutely gutted if I gave in now having got the furthest Ive ever gotten in a quit in my life with this quit. I know I will not fail this time but Im finding it tough right now. Definitely avoiding bars and such places like the plague for another while. Absolutely cant stand the smell of smoking now if I get it. and I know Id probably choke on one if i tried it at this stage.

Maybe once the next month or two are out of the way and I can get out into the garden down home and do some real hard physical work Ill find a avenue to rid myself of these feelings. Just hope to God I can hang on till then and not lose this quit. The best quit attempt in the past I think was 4 months. and at that, i was allowing myself to have the one ciggie on a friday evening. This time it was a blanket ban on smoking and CT - and its worked.

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Hi Craig, hope you're hanging on in there.

I found every experience during the 1st year could bring on quite strong cravings ie birthdays, Christmas, barbecues etc.

Just try to ride the wave, go with the flow and deep breaths will get you through.

After the 1st time it gets much easier. Don't know what your trigger is but it could just be something simple like the arrival of spring:D

Best of luck, it is sooo worth it:)


Hello Craig, I reach 7 months on Wednesday, I still get craves...well, 'head craves'

the only 'good thing' is that it reminds me that my fight is on-going and it stops me from being too complacent. I know I will never smoke again-ever, the reason why I know this, is because I love not smoking more than smoking...I have gone too far....the thought of starting again and wanting to stop AGAIN and going through all this AGAIN is enough for me NEVER to have one AGAIN.

I have friends who are two/three years into their quit, we are still in the early stages, I think because there seems to be more emphasis on the 'early quit' on forums (ie) 1 day, 2 days, 1 week....then it jumps to 6months plus, it makes you feel you should be doing 'better' I see this as a weakness to the forum, and the months leading up to the 1 year point are just as essential in the journey-you are doing great, well done for getting this far, I'm right by your side.

see you in the penthouse soon xx


You know, that could well be it. I was posting here day in day out at the beginning and that really got me through. But soon I was landed into month 4 and it seems stagnant. nothing going on... So now I kinda come here when I 'need to'. I know exactly what you mean by 'head craves'. It feels my body is now fine and I dont want the smoking anymore... but now and then, a given situation and I just want to smoke. Its such a strange one.

As for triggers. Stress more than likely. And yes, everything seems to come at once in Spring so that could be it too. Few weeks back, in the space of a few days... I had to have a 50 page report handed in, a presentation in front of an entire room of strangers, 3 vicious exams, rent was due, the washing machine flooded, the cable on my lab top snapped and i had no power for a full wk end...

Guess we all have stuff going on in our lives that test us during this period, but like you both, no way will I give into this now at this stage. Ive come way too far to even consider it and start all over again. I can only hear myself in another 6 months time saying 'this is where i was the last time now when i quit'... or even the early stages 3 weeks in going through crap and saying... and u can still fail at 6 months? sod this'... as the story goes!

So yes.. Ill hold on this time. And see that this rough patch is like turbulence and the way to paradise island! hee hee.

Maybe ill start watching boxsets online again. watched lost, suits, revenge, and the big bang theory there since january to just keep my mind off smoking. and to not let work/study take over my life.


It's been over a year since my last cig and occasionally I think how much I would love one, then I remind myself of all the reasons I quit and all the benefits I have gained and push the thought away. I do not know if ex smokers ever get rid of thoughts of smoking completely. But I do know that I would never ever want to have to go through quitting again so I will never give in to a crave. Any craves I have now are short lived anyway. Good luck and keep going, the penthouse is a lovely place to be



Just wanted to say congratulations for hoving towards Halfway House.

You may be getting the odd crave but my goodness, look at what you have achieved! You're an inspiration to everyone on the road behind you and all the more so because you're fallible and not afraid to share that with everyone here.

Good on you mate- you deserve a huge slap on the back and I hope you are suitably proud of yourself. :)


Some very nice comments there and thanks to all of you. Like said, the craves aren't 'craves' asuch. More like 'thoughts' so I will have to find ways of distracting myself when that happens. No way in Hell am I gonna give up now! The benefits far outweigh the so called 'good feelings' I had as a smoker; in fact as a smoker I was far more agitated, impatient, restless, cranky etc. Not saying Im the Patron Saint of Perfect Personland right now or anything but I feel a lot calmer and more in control of myself and can think scenarios through and deal with them with logic instead of impulse. Before, if I met stress, Id be straight out the door to have a smoke and a think. Then a second smoke. Then by the time Id get back inside the issue would be forgotten about, not dealt with! And everything smells better, my clothes, my apartment, all my stuff, even papers and notes and books, ... and obviously, I smell better and look healthier (that green/grey tinge to the face is really not an attractive look) and my hair is growing better!

And yep.. the Penthouse is on the horizon now and Ive my eye on an apartment on the 33rd floor, right underneath it! (All the parties Ill be invited too!)


you can do it, don't give in!... it will get easier with time.. you have come this far already and should be very proud of yourself! WELL DONE TO YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK!


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