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Anniversary Waltz

Tomorrow is my 2 year anniversary of no smoking. OMG never ever thought I would be able to say this!!!:eek:

I had smoked for about 40 years and was anticipating dying a smoker. One of the biggest shocks looking back is how I smoked for so long without being able to give up.

Don't get me wrong, it was difficult to begin with but once you are over the initial few weeks and you get your mindset right, it becomes easier and easier, honestly. ;)

I am writing this today because I am back in work tomorrow following a very nasty throat infection. At least two people have said it was because I'd given up smoking. AMAZING logic given its been 2 years and yes, you are right, they were both smokers! The truth is more likely to be because I smoked for all those years.

I am in a very happy place at the moment. My OH has also given up for about 6 months and doing great. We are going on a cruise in May for his 60th and we won't have to worry or feel embarrassed about trying to find somewhere to light up. My youngest son is also trying his best to quit.

This forum is invaluable so keep using it, it helped me immensely.

Good luck to you all wherever you are in your quit.


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Fantastic and inspiring post Mags :)

Huge congratulations from me on your two years free of the Demon. Really good that your husband has quit too and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your lovely cruise. You certainly deserve it. :)


Hot on your heels

What a fantastic post to make Magz.

Two big fat smashing years of freedom.

Massive congratulations and thanks for being one of my much much appreciated trail blazers. Life is good. :)


What a lovely post, a massive congrats, and a fab cruise ahead, no smelly clothes on deck.:):):) when your at the captains table. All he will smell is your lovely perfume.

Thanks for posting,keeps me inspired:)

A smoke free family ahead for you, that's great


Great post Mags, posts like that are why being part of this forum helps me so

much with my quit and keeps me focused. Thankyou for taking the time to post

and you must feel brilliant after two years quit.:)


Great post and thanks for coming back to let us know that there is life after 'the quit'. :D


Congratulations on reaching 2 years and thanks for your post. Inspires me to keep going :) x


Brilliant. Love this post. Very well done. Hope you have a great time on the cruise you deserve it


Ooh congrats to you. I love bumping into old friends who i haven't seen for ages and they offer me a cigarette. I enjoy telling them i have quit two years ago.:)

You do get the usual comment of - i wish i could give up like that.


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