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Week 2

Somewhere in week 2, and who would have thought it?

Seems cold turkey is the way for me, and the counting days doesn't seem to matter any more since I just feel like I don't smoke - not today, not tomorrow, not ever - no ticking needed :)

I think the only way to describe it is euphoric, though that could be the improved oxygen flow to the brain, oh, and the large gin and tonic I am sipping :D

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Long may this feeling continue Mina :D


Mina way to go girl. :)

So pleased you have found the right way for you.!

It seems you are on the way to a fantastic smoke free life.:)

Looking forward to your posts.

Keep up the good work my lovely :)


Well done Mina, You are doing brilliant.

Keep up the good work. :)


Well done you. Just go to show how different methods suit different people. I could never have gone cold turkey. So pleased for you.:D


In total admiration! Cold Turkey is amazing! Go you!!


That's really good news Mina. Looks like you've found the method for you. :)



I was trying to get you your very own spambot but it went a bit wrong:D

Sorry hun! x


Mina, you sound so different, very positive and enthusiastic, CT is agreeing with you my friend :) good work :D xxx


Thanks Donna – seems to suit me much better!!

Initially, of course, it was obviously crucial that I was in a physical place where I couldn’t actually get my hands on any ciggies without a great deal of hassle……

But the big deal for me was finding a reason that justified the struggle and misery, and it needed to be a reason I could believe in..…so when I was using patches, and the inhalator I felt terrible, wanted to smoke, but my head couldn't quite understand why this should be since I was probably on more nicotine than when I was smoking. How on earth could I be feeling so bad? Couldn't blame withdrawal, since I wasn't withdrawing….

Once I took away the NRT then I had an explanation (right or wrong) for feeling rubbish, for having craves, being grumpy, that my head believed in – it wasn't me, it WAS withdrawal from nicotine, and I could fight that, felt empowering – gave me focus in the first days, and once the nicotine was out of my system I became damned determined it wasn't having a home with me again ! :p

Each to their own, we all will find our ways, and there is no right or wrong way to quit :)

Really hope it’s going well with you too



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