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5wks Tomorrow!!

Hi Everyone,

Just a little update :) It will be 5wks tomorrow and I'm still going strong.The last week or so has really been amazing something has finally clicked into place. I am struggling to remember the last time I thought about cigarettes.:D:D:D I think personally its your mindset. So for week 5!!! Im running up the hill at full speed. Well done to everyone who has give up smoking. Chin up we can do it. :cool:

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Congratulations Yvonne.

I can see you racing up behind me....full steam ahead.

Keep going hun you're doing great. :D


Yvonne, brilliant:)

You seem in control, doing great:):):)

Well done my lovely :)


Yvonne it's lovely to see the optimism and strength of your first post here carried through into this one so much further along the quit journet

Really happy for you - big congrats!




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