No Smoking Day
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12 weeks (84 days)

Hey everyone :)

A bit of busy week for me at work and home. Keeps me out of trouble really!

My quit feels more stable this week and I have reduced the nicotine low in my ecig with a view to eventually removing my crutch soon(ish). We will see. The main thing for me is I stay off the cigs which I will :D

Sorry I am still not around as much, I do have a peek in late some nights when things have settled down here and try to keep up with how everyone is doing.

I can't quite believe I have reached 12 weeks and will be heading into calendar month 4 around this time next week. Feels good though :D

Couple of observations. When I wake in the morning I now have a rosy healthy glow to my face and also I HATE the smell of smoke lingering in the lifts at work after a smoker has used them. What a turnaround, the first few weeks I would have licked the walls if I could have haha!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend :D x

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Cheering from the side lines here for you. Have a great time tomorrow with the show. :D


Well done!! Its great to see everyone keeping it going. Inspirational. :)


Fantastic Lindy, especially in view of all the extremely stressful and difficult situations you've had to face since you started your quit. Having made it through all that smoke-free I really don't think there's any doubt that you've cracked it and are heading to the penthouse in style. :)

How are you sleeping at the moment? Hope you're doing better than you were.


Absoloutely brilliant Lindy, so proud of you, your a trooper that's for sure and I am in no doubt you will never smoke again, much love my friend xxx


Thanks everyone :)

Sleeping is still all over the place but for the last few weeks its been the least of my worries.

Im running on adrenalin right now I think but it will come to the point where I will just crash one night :).

The cats are all good thank you, we are off to our big cat show tomorrow. Exciting times :D


Hi Lindy, blooming marvellous, that's a quater of a year, doesn't that sound great.

Be proud of your success, my lovely , have a little treat :cool:


Thank you :). Quarter of a year sounds great :D


Many congratulations on reaching your 12 week mark Lindy :D


Well done Linda - don't I wish I was where you are now?

Still count the start of my quit journey as 5th Jan like you, so it's lovely to see my quit buddy powering ahead :)


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