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No Smoking Day
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A success story , well sort of lol!

My bf quits smoking using an e cig, I get inspired and buy an e cig.. its my 8th day today smoke free!! :D

I force a friend to buy e cig he quits analogs the same day and two of his male heavy smoker friends get inspired by him and buy e cigs and quit too!!


so its five of us quitters now and three of them due to me.. but in the end the credit goes to my love my bf :)

I hope we all keep inspiring and motivating each other and keep the analogs at bay!!!

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Really lovely post, great to have supportive quitting friends by your side :)

Your on your way to being smoke free, well done:)


Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better Sadie and well done for recruiting 3 more to quit smoking :) I wish I could encourage some of my friends but all I get is "it's my only bit of pleasure" etc etc... :rolleyes: hopefully they will do it one day, keep up the good work flower ;)


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