No Smoking Day
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Day 5 in progress

Still here, still not smoking, still can't believe it :). I have planned a busy weekend, puppy training classes in the morning, (Saturday), home, showered, off to Ideal Home Show, home, tired, dinner, DVD ... then I shall be coming on these forums with a glass of wine about 10pm tomorrow night shouting HELP HELP HELP ... maybe I should skip the wine !

Sunday will be one week - thanks everyone for all your support and good luck to all the newbies x

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Hi Yvonne, enjoy your weekend and well done on your 5 days ;)


I'd very much like to go to the Ideal Home show Yvonne- please do feed back on it. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time. :)

Many congratulations on nearing the end of your first week. You'll be counting in weeks rather than days very soon now. :D


Doing great

Congrats on your continued quit, have lovely time, enjoy:)


Sounding positive there Yvonne, have a great smoke free weekend :)


Hi didn't make it to Ideal Home Show, left my tickets at work doh ! never mind kept busy and still haven't smoked. Even managed a couple of beers tonight, quite fancy one but not tearing my hair out. It will pass (please) x


Found Sunday really difficult, decided to stay off laptop and just keep as busy as possible. Had mood swings (poor hubby), but I made it through the day without caving and by evening was much calmer. Thanks everyone x


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