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Help needed

Hi hope you all doing good.

I am having an awful time at the moment and cannot sort my head out on my own.

Have to give you a bit of background so that my rambling makes sense.

Have tried to stop a few times but always have gone back because the unhappiness and crying have made it impossible for me to continue. Last time I got to four months but was crying so much that I gave in. I had also put on two stone in weight I then decided that quality of life was more important than quantity and decided to live my life as a smoker.

I managed it for four years but all the negative aspects of smoking we're eating away at me I found this site and decided to give it another go

I am using patches and 1mg lozenges as back up. I crave yes but I can deal with this but the sadness and crying has started again. I am nearly at five weeks stopped and so want to continue but am so scared it will be so bad I will cave again.

It goes through my head that what if it goes on for ever I am not sure if I have the strength to give it as long as last time and still end up smoking, I may as well smoke today, I know I won't because I try to think it will be different this time.

Sorry for going on so i so needed to say that. Been trying to work through how this leaves me and I guess it is all part of the psychological aspects of quitting,.

Any ideas of how I deal with this


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Hello my loveley

Well it seems to me, and I do feel the same, you know some times scared, but being scared only stops us from trying, and that's not so good, sooooo your doing great, all these emotions will and do pass in time.

It,s ok what ever you feeling will pass just take it a little at a time, I am early in my quit, but it takes all our focus, and may be you are so fussed it scares you, hang in there your doing great, I don,t know anyone that does not feel better after a good cry, so cry if you need to.

Your doing well my lovely let me know tomorrow how your feeling.

Some one said to me you won't die if you give up smoking, but you might die if you smoke, have a think, keep going and cuddles to you..


Hi Gilly

I got to the point you did/have of getting so far then starting to feel whats the point.

I did the same as you and joined this site and I think it has saved me from falling back to my old ways.

When things to do get bad - have a good cry - post it on here and get the support that these guys are always so ready to give you.

BTW - 4 Months is awesome I never gave up for even one day before this quit. Keep going it will get better.



Thanks Tracey kat and Andy for your replies, sometimes it just helps not feeling so alone with it all.

I think I will see my GP when I return to UK a week on Thursday.

Xxxxxx. C


Thanks jenny and Kari

I have read Alan Carr before perhaps it is time to re read.

Yes I am sure I am mourning the cigarettes but I honestly know they do nothing except relieve the nicotine withdrawal.

What a crazy thing this is



Hiya Gilly :)

I'm really sorry you're feeling lousy, (((hugs)))

Totally agree with Kat, a visit to the GP is a good idea, even if they can give you something to get you over the bump it's worth it!!

And Karri's right, you are mourning the fags - even though as you say it makes no sense at all, we all go through that phase.

I really hope you feel better soon hun, depression is a horrible thing to have :(



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