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Hi All,

Sorry I haven't been on much lately, been a busy bee getting other aspects of my life sorted! But still going strong, I'm on day 30! One whole month as of 9:30pm today! I'm very pleased with this! :):cool:

Has anyone else had cramp at this stage? For the past week the cramp in my feet has been crazy, every night I get it, I'm in and out of bed like a yo-yo trying to get rid of it! HELP!! Its driving me mad!!

How is everyone else getting on?

Adele x

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Hi Tractor Girl,

Thank you very much!! I see you are not far off yourself!! Go us!! ha ha.



Hi Adele,

Not sure about the cramp but maybe it's something to do with your circulation returning to normal? I'm sure there will be someone that can help, might be an idea to post in the quitting symptoms section or just have a look through some old posts on there, I'm sure you will find someone who has had the same thing, well done on your month quit :) x


Hi Adel :)

Congratulations on nailing your first month! Onwards and upwards as they say :cool:

Sorry, I can't help with the cramping. Sounds rather unpleasant! Maybe you could see your GP if it continues to be an issue? x


I had cramps at the start too, very annoying.

Good news: they do go and don't last long :D (well, mine didn't anyhoo)


Hi All,

Thank you so much for the replies! Yes I think I will give my Dr a quick call, they were so bad this morning I could barely walk, so may be a problem there. But hopefully they will just disappear with time. Onto Month " now, so exciting!!

How is everyone getting on with their Quits? Anything exciting to share?



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