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Hi john from scotland



i am glad to be hear on this no smoking forum

i have tried many times to Quit this Habit

been on sick now 14year gave up for 2 months a few years ago but had a fight one night with a friend having a drink them WHAM I STARTED SMOKING AGAIN

but then tried over and over again then i found out about

them e-cigarettes i got hold of 3 plus usb stick and tried

them they did seem to work but my Girlfriend Vaughan

was still smoking normal cigarettes that put me off e-cigarette for a time i still have them and was thinking of changing over to them as people say they helped them stop i have tried every other thing gum & patches

i can't go cold stop i tried this and now tobacco is costing me £32.00 quid a week for me and Vaughan then she does the same following week


I AM ON A LOT OF MEDICATION AT HOME AND THIS IS WHY I AM ASKING YOUR ADVICE Sorry some of my spelling may be bad as i not to good at that kind of stuff

thanks for any advice given i am still smoking was going for more tobacco shortly but was thinking of going back to e-cigarette i have read a lot on this forum today and it's making me think this may be the place to get help to stop

thanks all

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Hi john,and welcome to the forum,where you will get lots of help and support:)

Iv tried many times to quit like you,but feel every time I fail I learn something from it..mainly not to have that " just one ":D

I tried stopping using the e cig and know it works for some but felt I was still smoking.

This quit I kept the e cig nod have used it 4-5 times in 5 wks...for me it's a stand by,when things get tough:(

Have you tried joining smoke stop at boots...where they will give you loads advice,patches on prescription and weekly checks...that has worked for lots of quitters.

It's finding what works for you...keep reading posting and even ranting....youv come to the right place:D


thanks for your kind words

big thanks i will look into that boots question you asked me

smoke stop at boots i did not know about that carolrose52 have tried patches

but that don't mean i would not give it another go

yes e-cigs you do still feel like you are smoking but i found it handy :D

as i had to find things to do with my hands apart from using keyboard this i found hardest and e-cigs helped with that a lot but if stopping helps the pains i am getting in my body every day hands legs feet arms back head then i am up for it and have to get fit again now looking for work at working links

got new e-cigarette (brand name removed) THEY ARE CALLED today to try again like i said

and thanks 2 Jenny for your comments i will keep it up this time

my girlfriend will just have to smoke in other room i let it go last time

then i was back on tobacco need to be stronger this time

this forum have helped me today

big thanks for your time take care big day tomorrow 27.02.2014 i stop then

after i try to sleep tonight been up since yesterday

and i won't change my mind by tomorrow been smoking today last bit

made sure i had nothing left in house only e-cigarette for tomorrow

wish me luck friends and thanks:cool:


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