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Day 5

Hi all hope you are all good this morning.

Thanks for all of the support yesterday couldn't get back to you as Internet was down. Really wanted to post last night as was having a c..p time.

Got through though although ate too much and felt sick.

Glad people have mentioned about strange dreams as I had one last night not about smoking though let's just say had to check with oh if it was a dream or not, seemed so real.

I need to start getting life back to normal as am being very lazy, spending time playing games on iPad and it is not what I want to be doing.

Seems like I can't do normal life. Hope this soon passes.

Has anyone else felt like this? Be interested to know.

I will not smoke today but can't wait for it to get a little easier.

Hope everyone has a good quit day xxxxxx

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Thanks for that Kat. Yes it does seem horrible and scary at the moment but I know what you say is true and it helps to know that others have felt the same and come out the other side and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Have a good day xxxx


Hiya Gilly :)

Yes it is pretty poo to start with, like Kat said we've smoked for years, it becomes as natural as breathing for us but for our bodies it's hell. Amazing things that they are though, they cope as best as they can, so now they're wondering what the hell's going on *but* you will get there!!

Was off work most of last week with "quitter's flu" (sounds a bit daft I know but it really felt like flu - worse for me 'cos I'm hardly ever ill) and i totally get the wanting to get back to normal thing!! Spent the time on here and playing games so yes I do understand!!

You will get back to normal - do be as nice to yourself as you can 'cos it can be really tough at the start, basically whatever you want to do to make the time easier!!

I hope it gets easier for you soon hun, it really is worth sticking with 'cos there's no advantages to smoking - hell we only did it to feel normal!!

((hugs)) xxx

Oooh and the dreams, are you on patches? 'cos I am and had some crackers on the sofa last night :eek:


Yeah the dream thing properly threw me at the start, to the point where i'd get angry at myself for smoking and having to start again before realising it was a dream :eek:

Just to reiterate the point though, it really does get easier. You are doing great and you should be proud.


Hi Gilly

Yup, as all the guys have said, feeling weird and having strange dreams is all part of it. I don't think anyone really mentions those effects when you talk about quitting, certainly never remember the smoking nurse saying "oh by the way you will probably feel like you should be in Broadmoor for a bit". But it all passes, the most important thing is let it all wash over you, don't fight it, don't over think it, just accept that you feel a bit odd and that it is a small price to pay for the wonderful benefits you are doing to yourself :)

Keep strong and keep on quitting :)


Well done on day 5 Gilly, it's a milestone in itself if you look back to even day 1 or 2 is it as bad as that? If not then u can be safe in the knowledge that the only way is forward to the penthouse and things will get better, your doing great x


Thanks for all your kind words.

Once again eaten too much today and just p****d off forever thinking about smoking

But another day done xxxx


Keep going Gilly :)

Wise words in the posts above, just take it one day at a time, it will get easier....promise:)



Wow, it is my first time on here today, and it is unbelievable reading all the positive support. It is interesting also to read the struggles and it gives hope to everyone!

I am currently on day 5 and I am keeping a diary of my battle here...

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

Good luck all!!


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