3rd Jan 2014 - Today's Smoke Free Pledge

Following on from Molly's excellent post yesterday, I'll start the ball rolling.

I spent some time re-training my brain, letting go of the idea that smoking was a treat, reward, pleasure or rebellious act and learning to live life as a non smoker.

If I can then anyone can.

I pledge that I shall not smoke today.

So come on everybody old and new add your name to the roll of honour and pledge not to smoke today.

7 Replies

  • I think smoking sucks....so today I will not......

  • I will NOT SMOKE TODAY :)

  • Nope - not today! :D

  • And how about a volunteer to start tomorrows pledge thread. Newbie or Oldie it doesn't matter :D

  • Nope :d:):d - meaning Not One Puff Ever

  • No smoking for me today :)

  • Thanks Nic, you're a star :)

    I won't be smoking today, no surree bob, notta one puff :D

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