No Smoking Day
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The time is now!!

Hi (again) I was here in October quitting for me and because I know I should. This was a fail and miserable one at that!!

This time I'm hoping it's different as this time I am pregnant!!!

Smoking and a baby can't go together. I did naively think I would find out and immediately be completely above smoking, this for me is not the case. I have over the last 2 weeks cut down from 20 to 2 and today have had zero! I am pleased with myself and hope I can be successful this time!

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Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck with the quit :D


Thanks. Hopefully I can begin this mother thing by quitting for good!


This will sound horrible but if you get a craving imagin your baby inside your belly having a fag. an actual fag. You have a great tool in your lovely baby to help you quit for you both! Congrats and well done for taking the plunge! my mum never quit with any of us 3 kids lol xxx


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