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Peeping from behind the curtain.....


Hi folks,

As you've all probably guessed by my disappearance, I've failed yet again :-(

Been back on the cigs the past 3 weeks or so, no excuses it was just plain stupidity (although at the time I could have give you a list of excuses as long as my arm!)

Anyway, I'm giving it a go again, today/tonight will be my last smoking. New yrs day is my new quit date!

Feeling nervous as normally I prepare more but maybe that's another excuse so just going to go for it!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, looking forward to joining you all again x

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Sorry it didn't work out last time.

Here's to a new beginning (and a successful one for you).

I'll drink to a smoke-free 2014 for both of us

Glad to see you back hon and so sorry to hear you fell off the wagon. It's time to beat this once and for all hon, those early days are foul, to be putting yourself through them again and again is just torturing yourself for no good reason! Make this your time petal, go into it with the attitude that, come hell or high water, you are NOT going through this again and hang on to, nurse and protect your quit as if it was a newborn baby. It's time hon, heaven knows you've had an incredibly rough ride this last year, now you need to make 2014 a new start. We're right behind you petal, just get your mindset fixed and declare war!

Thanks Kat, your so right, I'm just torturing myself by going through it over and over again! This is the year for me, new beginnings xx

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