almost 3 years

well this time three years ago I knew I only had one full day of smoking left so I made the most of it and literally chain smoked for the whole of new years eve, looking back it seems ridiculous, I have come to realise how much smoking ruled my life and controlled me.

I remember that last cigarette sat on my back doorstep having every last drag then saying goodbye to it and throwing it down the drain.

I was a full time addict who was always to scared to quit, how would I cope with all the situations if I quit I needed to smoke that was how my smoking mind used to think, what changed my mind, I remember walking up a slight hill with my OH trying to keep up with the kids and we found ourselves out of breath, my OH looked at me and said we wont see these kids grow up if we carry on like this lets quit new year (this was in November) something clicked I knew he was right and I was gonna give it my best.

I think having the time to prepare helped me gain a good mindset, and at the start I did feel like I went to hell and back but that strengthened my resolve because I knew I didn't want to go through those early days ever again so I had to stay strong. As the days went by I got stronger (spent every waking hour on here posting or reading ) and then I found the good times lasted longer and longer and instead of the smoking thoughts being there a lot they started to be fleeting thoughts just like I'd read about.

As time went on everything became so easy I have the odd thought now but not in a craving type way just a omg not thought about smoking for weeks.

I know people say if I can do it anyone can but I feel it extra applies because I was a 100% nicotine junkie relied on it for EVERYTHING, happy=smoke, sad= smoke, stressed=smoke, relaxed=smoke etc etc makes no sense to me now but back then it made perfect sense.

Not only can I walk up hills now I run 3 times a week (haha me running) I am proud of myself and if I am ever in a situation that I think is impossible I think no I quit smoking I can do anything and that usually gives me the boost I need to achieve success


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  • What a wonderful post-Thankyou for sharing -you are amazing-well done you!!

  • boo, you ROCK! :)

  • Inspiring post - magic :D

  • Awesome post, magnificent stuff!

  • Well done Boo, I don't have to pat you on the back as I am sure your back is black and blue from every body else's pats on the back, 3 years is so amazing and a milestone that will keep getting bigger, Happy New Year x

  • That was SO inspiring! I think every new quitter should read your post. Thank you :)

    ..And congratulations of course :D

  • Thats fantastic Boo. I'm inspired to keep my quit and hold on to it after reading your post. my quit is a little bit battered and slightly imperfect but its seaworthy and thats what counts. Well done. i bet your loved ones love you loads for it.

    Mash x

  • thankyou guys and gals for all your replies

    I need to make a more concerted effort to post on here and give back just like the people who helped me in the early days did, a new years resolution there I think


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