89 days today!

hello all, hope you all had a lovely Christmas:D

I thought id give an update, as its been a while since was last on here, but its 89 days today,

I'm now over the 12 week mark and heading into month 4 in a few days! I'm doing ok, foot really crave now at all, its not somethin I've been thinking about either! I find tin the smell worse now than I did before though lol.

I will no longer see "the boss" now. Still cold turkey now too.

anyway, have a wonderful new year guys, one of good health and full fresh lungs!

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    What a fantastic post to be reading :) loving the positive mindset


    sending you a


    Hope you have been treating yourself with all that money you have saved

    Happy New Year to you


  • 12 weeks is brilliant and so good for us new quitters to be able to see that it can be done and craves do get less and less

  • Well done ! It is a big milestone getting past 3 months so you are well on the way to the penthouse. Keep it going now, onwards and upwards:)

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