No Smoking Day
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Day 3

Second day was a bit tough - as Princess mentions - it is as if the whole world is conspiring to p*ss you off.... the reality though is prolly the brain looking for an excuse - any excuse - to light up again.

Awoke early this morning - brushed teeth and headed to Victoria market here in Melbourne to pick up fresh food for my dog. It's going to be very hot today - 38oC - so kinda stuck inside to keep cool.

I am feeling bored - but still grimly determined not to smoke. The smell is out of my fingers and hair - and I talk to myself about all the good things that go with quitting - and insanely - out of left field come thoughts like - "you've done reaaaalllly well not smoking for a couple of days - go on, reward yourself with a cigarette' It's as if SMOKING and CIGARETTES are two different things and not related.

Makes me p***ed off just writing about it. Tobacco companies hire psychologists, psychiatrists and all manner of professionals to make you feel good about parting with your hard earned cash in exchange for a shorter lifespan. How f***ed is that?

On another note - I look forward to staying smober - for all those sanctimonious non smokers who have looked down their snouts at me over the years - can enjoy higher tax rates - now that I am no longer subsidising them. Ha! I have spent my entire life internalising my feelings - and this is the result. Well, i'm done with that.

Sorry about the rant - but that is my mind space at the moment. Do I feel like a ciggie now? No Sir - I am too busy grinding my axe.

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Rant away my lovely, it will be all worth while..I am moving into month 5, and when I read 'new quitters' posts my heart goes for you all, as I know the first week is a killer....BUT, it really does get better, I found it such a grind my first few days, few weeks, but dug my heels in and thought NO! I can, I will do this! Now......I feel great, the ranting has gone, the craves are a 'mere reminder' the benefits are now far out weighing the battle-I will never smoke again-EVER! you one day, will get to that point-stay strong, stay focused-life as a non-smoker is just great!!!!:D


And another thing.....

Still simmering from my last post - thank you - I am prepared to rant in post after post - I remember other quits that I have had - and there's always one peanut im the gallery who deliberately go out of their way to wind you up - to ensure you fail - so they can go throught their smug I told you so's......

Well not this time. In fact I am making my list - and checking it twice.

Lunch in the oven - spatchcock with garden salad ( the spatchcock, not the garden salad lol )- and a big glass of juice and mineral water.

Then a nap and cuddle with my dog.


Hey soo good to see you reaching another smoke free day hun:)

but sorry to hear your still struggling :(


as Sweet said come and rant on here as much as you need to i also found thumping a pillow helped to release some of the rage and putting some really loud music on and screaming along when i was in my car driving

have you wrote a list of reasons yet as to why your quitting as that too will help to keep rereading to help you to reinforce your quit

also i hope your saving the money you would have spent so you can treat yourself :)


Feeling Better

Had a lovely soak in the bath this afternoon and feeling much better :) Sprayed myself liberally with perfume and am enjoying the scent - without the tobacco overlay....

Have had a few cravings this afternoon and told myself loudly that it was just the addiction talking - and re- read the letter from the periodontist regarding the work that needs to be done on my teeth. I have that stuck to the fridge.

Have been drinking green tea, peppermint tea, spearmint tea and ginger tea through the day - I hope they don't blame me for the water shortage....

I also like the aniseed 'fishermens friends'. Flavour is bitey and is also sugar free so have packs of those at home, in my bag and in my pockets.

I can hardly believe three days are gone already - I am well pleased. I amon hols from work at the moment - so stress levels are non existent. Due to go back in the New Year - by that time hopefully I will be a week quit and better able to avoid relapse.


Oh Lordy!

Very scary. Very sad.

Not one puff ever.


My Little Man

Hey Deb - I have a 75lb fawn boxer. He is a rescue and the product of a broken relationship. I have had him since he was 2 and he is 4 1/2 now. He is such a sweet young man - very sensitive and well mannered. I relate to him better than most people.....

He is always up for hugs and kisses - I think he is teaching me more than I have taught him so far.....:D

Summer over here - very hot today, but a change has already come through. Heat and sun can be unrelenting sometimes. Never bothered me as a kid - but struggling with it as I get older.


Well done on your decision to quit, you are doing the best thing for your health and your purse. Enjoy your sunshine and your dog, hope you enjoy the rest of your break from work.:)


It really does get better! I really feel for those in there first week, we have all been there and know how cruddy you feel right now :( But look at it like this, being a smoker has now made you feel crud. Quitting is merely lifting the mask off. Anything worth doing will require it to get worse before it gets better.

I had a real hard first month I tell you. Im now two months and i feel amazing!!!! :D Cravings are so small I can smile at them and then laugh..honest you will get there so hold on!

Keep up the good work! day 4 soon xxx


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