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Am I crazy?!?

So I made it through 30+ days!! Whoo-Hoo! Huge accomplishment for me. I went through four weeks of off and on physical and mental withdrawl. Some days were a breeze and some days were hell on earth. I came to a realization last night... This past week I have been in the ‘break-up phase.’ Smoking is really all that I’ve known since I started smoking when I was the ripe age of 14. Smoking has been my best friend and my worst enemy for nearly 20 years. It helped me through hard times and stress while also celebrating happy and fun times with me. So this past week.. more than anything physical, I have been missing smoking. My mind wants to see it in a limelight and cherish it as a dear friend. I keep trying to remind myself how awful that friend has been to me and that he has done nothing good for me at all. It is still a battle. One day at a time!! I can’t wait until I can say “WOW!! I didn’t think about smoking at all today!!” Will that day ever come???

32 days tobacco free – 14days nicotine free

Nearly 20yrs of 15-20 smokes a day

Used E-cigg and this forum.

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Hi Max - Yes! I do go through short periods without thinking about smoking and it's great!! :-) I think the longest I went was an hour or two. I think I will need a serious celebration when I make it through a whole day!!

Teflon - I really liked smoking too. I find myself having to remind myself daily why I decided to quit. I just try to ignore all thoughts of actually buying a pack. I tell myself if I really need to break my quit.. then I'll use the e-cigg but I don't really like it, at all.. so it doesn't appeal to me and defintely doesn't feel worth going through nicotine withdrawl again for a puff or two from a e-cigg!! But sometimes I fantasize of just one late night smoke.. but I know.. I'm an addict and one would never be enough! It's an all or nothing deal with nicotine!


No, Heather, you are not crazy, and well done on your 32 days or should I say "a month and a bit"?! Heather, the day will come, but remember that fags have been a part of your life for a long time and you will go through a sort of "mourning" period for them.

But it will happen. Honestly! :)




Hi Heather

You are not mad at all I too pine for that fag that makes you think "Aaah" but to be honest we forget all the times of standing in the rain struggling against the wind to blo*dy light the thing etc etc.... It is almost like having a romantic idea about fags but in reality we all know they are disgusting, well done on your 32 days fingers crossed all us newbies as we get called can make it through the Christmas period, still with determination and the help of this forum I'm sure we can.....keep plodding at it we will get there in the end xxx


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