No Smoking Day
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Hello from an Austrian smoker :)

I'm so glad, I've found this forum!

This is another way for me to beat this crappy addiction.

For so many years I actually succeeded in fooling myself that cigarettes are part of my identity.

But now i reallly, really want to quit.

The problem is I just can't do it.

I have tried many ways (I'm a psychologist and an NLP trainer, for god's sake :)), but to be thoroughly honest I've never managed 24 hours without. 19 hours is my record!

I'm 41, healthy and successful addict.

Three days ago I finished a second round of Allen Carr's Easy way workshop and I'm still smoking. Even now!

I'm even lying to my husband, who is on a business trip and is coming back tomorrow. He is so glad for me :(

So, tomorrow I will try again with day 1 on this forum. With your help, I hope. I feel such an admiration for everybody who quit!

Do you think there is any chance for such a specimen as I am? :)

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You can do it Alexandra x


Oh, thank you, Puddles! I appreciate it!

Yes, I can do it and I will do it! :)

I really really really want to quit.


Welcome, It is so hard for everyone,. I know that for you who works out how we feel, how we should feel, it must feel strange that your own brain is finding the nicotine difficult to work with. However due to your work perhaps you will be way more open to a different way of thinking, do not think of giving anything up , or quitting, you are starting a different way of life. Really to stop smoking is like to stop an affair with a boyfriend that we KNOW is bad for us, but we love him because of his danger and the way he makes us feel once in a blue moon. We know we must get rid of this, but when we decide to do so, it isn't much fun, so we go back. Well, if you get three little days , just keep it hour by hour, but if you get over three days, keep thinking I will not do that to myself again. ........ If you find the actuall quit very hard, try champix, because it stops the receptors in your brain from receiving nicotine, so by the day you stop smoking your brain already hates the ****** things.

Good luck, and do please join us on the November thread, it is on quick links go to social and join the group, I would love you to be there , to work out my kinks ha ha..... I also pity you as a night out in Austria where everyone can smoke makes it a little more difficult I think, . Here in Ireland you are considered a leper if you smoke.


Hang in there!

Hi Alexandra

I have been an addict for over 40 years. Tomorrow it will be 3 weeks since I stopped. It is not easy, as any one here can attest. Just get your mindset right - only you can do that for yourself. Once that is in place, you will have this inner strength to tide over the cravings and all the other emotions this journey we are all going through throws at us. AND don't beat yourself up for being weak. You are stronger than you think. The fact that you are addressing your smoking addiction is a sure sign of strength.

Hope you have found/find your inner strength

Good luck



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