No Smoking Day
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Feeling ok but it's nearly the weekend!

As it says....I'm actually ok during the week not one for ciggie

Breaks at work and don't smoke in house but at weekend

I catch up on my intake. Hoping I can get through the horrible habit

Of nipping out during every xfactor break for a cig in the rain.

I'd imagine like most of you, a wee beer or wine at the weekend

Means having a wee ciggie too...I know it's just a habit I have to

Break and usually I'd put off stopping til after the festive season

As we all know there's always an excuse! But not this time!

I'm not ruining the smell from my lovely new perfume

Santa brings me with dirty old smoke smell! x

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I had a birthday party last week, and boy was I worried,. It was ok though I danced far more than usual, didn't drink as much but still had a few. I did want a smoke, but thought nope I won't because I will have wasted my few days quit, ( I was on day five I think) anyway, I managed, and when a craving came Instead of trying to ignore it I saw it for what it was and thought no I am not missing anything.... and it left. So don't worry you will beat this , just remember your missing nothing, you haven't given up anything you have decided to wake up, and live stress free. ( no more stressfull times stuck where you can't smoke... because you won't want to smoke soon.)


Thank you for that :) even though I know all the reasons

Why I've stopped there's still that little part of me thinking I'll

Be lost without my cigs! I keep thinking of all the Xmas

Parties where I'll miss out on the gossip as I'm not out having a

Cig but I need to focus on the positives I.e. I don't need

To shiver in the rain and ruin my 20 quid hair up do all for sake

Of a few cigs I won't smell rotten etc etc I'm sure I'll

Get there ;) x


You will get there sooner than you think Rosie. Many of us felt like we had lost a close friend when we quit. It doesn't take too long to realise that was just the addiction talking!



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