No Smoking Day
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Checking in Room 3

Hello my fellow quitters. Hope everyone in here is ok. Now getting over worse of the beginning of your quit.

All good here on the Essex front !

Talking of which...I am routing for Joey or Kian on I c g m o h !

hooked !

Good day today. I treated myself to the most gorgeous onesie :)

Craves dealt with had a few but not been too bad I can't handle.

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YAY well done Woo, you're doing great :D Your last Day 3 :D :cool:

Ooh and a onesie, they're flipping fab!! What's yours like?


Keep it going Woo and a treat every now and then is always good:)

Joey Essex to win!:)


Had to do a double take there Woo when I saw you way down the hill there.

Very glad you have jumped straight back up and are gritting your teeth again. It is not how you win, it is how you handle failure that counts and you are proving your true grit by hitting the road again.

We'll done on day three.



Thanks everyone !

Photo of onesie just for you Max :) lol

It's supposed to be a sheep baaaaaaaaa :D:D:D (Not me btw) and my one has a fluffy tail :D


Aww how cute is that?

I've got a leopard one, and I flipping love it :D


Cool! It's no good, I am just going to HAVE to get one! When I go to Plymouth shopping I will make it a mission to find a onesie!:D

Ooh you have to!!

Lol, Woo and the forum sisters all in our onesies.

You won't want to get out of it :p



Kat go to NEXT store that's where I got mine from. Also lovely ones in New LOok but Next ones better quality. OMG they are just too comfortable and so warm, I have turned down the heating a lot tonight, so money saving in the end ! OH has not seen it yet hehehehe :)


Good luck Woo, thought I was the only one here that had been down the boards before and had to start all over again. Come and cheer us up in the November club, we will keep an eye on ya, and you can warn us off our desire to give in.

I had a real massive desire a few minuites ago , sitting here happy as larry and all of a sudden cripes I wanted a fag.......


Seems funny reading 3 attempted last year....Thanks for all the support everyone...

AND HERE I AM AGAIN..Day 3 2014...

I am in a "STUCK" mood today. Don't know what I want to do ?

What I do know is

I AM KICKING BIGGER AND BETTER and someone is running....

WOOO HOOOOO....see that stinky **** run lol....


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