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Should have been 7 months today :(

Well for a 1st day, it all went very well and to be honest I feel like it's just a continuation of my 1st quit.

BUT Officially, it's day 2.

Weighed and measured myself and 2" on all over and a stone gained.

Now I want to concentrate on getting my weight back.

Don't feel so breathless today, throat still sore and lungs feel same.


Just feel a bit sad. Because I would have felt so very proud today.

New quitters please note

JUST ONE WILL NOT HELP and it's never ever JUST ONE. You will lose your quit.

It's not worth it really it isn't. Take deep breaths and count to 30 and by then it should pass.

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Massive well done hun :)

Am really pleased you're getting back into your quit and that it feels like picking up where you left off :D

You are so right about not just one though, fagd are like wolves, they come in packs!!


Sending positive thoughts your way - do it for you Woo, you are so worth it ;)


Don't dwell on seven months and all that Woo, today is a day quit, regardless of history. You've not smoked so you're winning, end of story ;)


Dunno how the Hell you lost that Woo :confused:

But it is like falling off a quite advanced part of an obstacle course,so back you go to the start-if you have more than one brain cell,and are determined,then you will realise that you HAVE to do this,if you want to do what is right,and you simply have to put in the time.

There are far too many failures going on here for my liking lately:mad: ,and the Penthouse "new rooms greeters" for October/November 2014 may be twiddling thumbs instead of greeting new one year quitters...:rolleyes:


BTW, like your profile, I take it that's your lovely daughter. Nice pic :)

I had simply taken leave of my senses and if I been at home I would have come on here but I was out and so very vulnerable.

Anyway..I've done the crime,now I do the time AGAIN :mad:

So you get to see me a bit longer...see. Out of some bad comes good ;)

Angry Bear, yes I agree. :)



Sending positive thoughts your way - do it for you Woo, you are so worth it ;)


Thank you :) WE are ALL worth it x x


Good for you Woo!

Woo, the main thing is you are back quit again. Not smoking is normal for you now because all is not lost after that blip, really it's not!:)


Hi Woo, glad to hear you've got right back on the non smoking train again. You seem positive and determined and I'm sure you'll do it for good this time. You're so right that "just one" is fatal, I lost previous quits with that mentality. It's hard when you let a quit slip so far down the line and I remember having wobbles around the 6 month mark thinking just one etc (nico demon knows when to strike) but managed to hold on and can honestly say I rarely think about smoking these days and cannot imagine smoking again.

If there's one phrase to take away from this forum which helped me a lot is NOPE (not one puff ever). It is so true, one puff is a slippery slope!!

Anyway stay strong you'll do it, don't stress about the weight until you're comfortable in your quit x


its really good that you have picked yourself back up and got back on the wagon with us.

I know it can be tempting just to carry on smoking for a while before attempting to give up again. So well done you!! :)


So glad you picked yourself up again woo. Sorry I haven't posted sooner to wish you all the best. You have been a great support to me and it shows tht anyone can have a blip... but that's all this is, a blip. As AB said don't focus on the time. In a few days/weeks, it won't matter to you.

Stick with it chum!


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