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100 days


Hi all

Another major milestone, I was thinking yesterday, phew 100 days and I still think about smoking, I even still think I crave them sometimes, will thus ever end? Then I thought about the real, real nightmare that I endured over those first few days, and now thus 100th day is no mire than a pale, pale, pale shadow of those early days.

Roll on 6 months, see you all in a while :-)

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Congratulations Neveragain, amazing isn't it, those annoying little niggles we get now we still think of as cravings whereas those monster urges we had in the first couple of weeks are almost forgotten about - that's one of the reasons I love this place, by reading new quitters posts and remembering those tough early days, it puts our progress into perspective and also encourages newbies to stick to their guns, knowing it does eventually get better.

Not long now until the penthouse :D I look forward to seeing you there ;)

Well done!

100 days is fantastic! Definitely on the right road now, powering through and your name says it all.....Never again!:)

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