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Should have said Hi before posting Sorry

I posted before I saw this part of the forum so:


I'm now officially an ex heavy smoker at my Dr's surgery, had my last Champix yesterday it should have been 2 weeks ago but I kept forgetting so took one a day for the last week.

I had been smoking for around 35 years I don't remember exactly when I started and was smoking between 20 and 30 a day when I quit.

I came here for the first time today because of this huge craving I have today, when does it get easier? I’m on day 100 and it ought to be a celebration:mad:

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Well done on getting so far, I wish I was back there.


Well done!

Well done Andy on 100 days! That is a great achievement and as the others have said, those craves will get fewer and further between them. Keep going and keep reading this forum it is the best quit smoking aid ever:)


Hey and thanks everyone for caring, Soz I've taken so long to get back (hellish couple of days with the crave!!).

I've made it till this evening anyhow and the crave is dying down now (chaining sweets and big lung fulls of clean air)

I found this forum through desperation, it's good to have others on your side.

I think I may have been nieve as are most in that once you've calmed down nic that's it job done and all in a couple of weeks or so.

I cant go through all of this again, You're all so right, so that one little pacifier can just FO!, I just have to remember the aching chest while avin a fag in the freezing cold and wet - WHY WOULD YA? :confused:

"Not smoking wont kill you, smoking will!"


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