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Hi I'm a Newbie

I quit smoking last night at 8:30 PM. I've been smoke free for 6.5 hours and I feel great. I just worry I will slip and hoping that won't happen. I'm taking Chantix and Nicorette gum.

Is there any suggestions what to do if I slip? I want to quit so I can have my knee replacement on my left knee. Any suggestion is welcome.


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Ah, don't know where my earlier post went. :confused:

Anyway, welcome AZgirl......I take it that you are in the USA? I think it's great that from all over the world, we can unite in our fight against the stinky cigs!

Well done on your decision to quit......probably one of the best decisions a person can make! Keep us posted about how it's going and don't forget to ask any questions you may have re quitting. Also, a good read around the forum is really helpful!



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