almost at the 10 month mark..i can hear the penthouse calling

not checked in for a while but I am amazed that that 10 month milestone is almost here, those dark awful horrendous days in January feel like a lifetime ago. For anyone that remembers me I still appreciate the support and advice that I got and for any newbies reading this please stick at it and use this forum it is invaluable....p.s. my anniversary date will be 6/01/2014

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  • Ooh long time no see Dean!!

    Really glad you're still quit and doing so well :)

  • Wow weeeeeeeeeeeee way too gooo


    Great post to be reading

    Well done

    Hope you have been treating yourself with all the money you have been saving


    any requests for how you want your room decorated for when you enter the Penthouse?

  • Good to see you dropping by fella, and really please the quit is going well for you!! :)

  • Long time no see Dean, its brilliant to see you cruising through to the Penthouse. Yet another success story for this place :D

  • thanks guys I will never ever be complacent and I am as focused now as I was day 1 and max yes 7 months was my longest previous quit but I honestly believe now that I am in a better place to quit for good this time :)

  • Well done so far Bossdean! looks like this is the one!:)

  • Congratulations reading posts like uplifting.

    Your penthouse date is my birthday is I won't forget that :) lol

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