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just checking in

Half way through day 14, now. I still think of cigarettes whenever I eat, but it is just a fleeting thought. Nonetheless, no fun!

Insomnia's better, I'm getting a solid 5 hours of sleep every night. While my perception of time hasn't normalized, either it's gotten better or I've gotten more used to it. The occasional headache still. Had a run today, first time in two weeks!

All good!

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Well done for getting to day 14

those thoughts will go at the moment your smoking head still associates everything you do with smoking so your going to get prompts distracting your mind is the key even little things like sitting in a different place to normal and varying your routine slightly plus reading some of the tips on here will help and staying focused

starting each day with a mantra of i choose not to smoke today will help also i found in the early days of having a reminder going of to remind me i dont smoke anymore

it will get easier the further along the road you travel

hope your saving the money you would have spent so you can treat yourself :)

onwards and upwards is the only way to go


Hello Mal, firstly congratulations on passing the two week mark, it's all good from now on, secondly I echo what Deb and Max said, it is so worth it, the sleep thing will improve and soon you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about and why it took you so long to stop in the first place. Keep drinking loads of water, it really does help with the headaches and lots of exercise will help with the sleep too. Good luck and keep at it ;)


Ah i feel the same way pal, These early days arent really much fun. Its a game of blind faith really, deep down we know that we cant feel like this forever! but at this moment it doesnt feel that way.

Keep going though, your are taking the best of the two options in the long run and thats enough at the moment xx


Great job

Way to go, Mal! Sounds like you are starting to emerge out of the darkness. It gets brighter every day now!


Thanks all. I wouldn't have gotten this far without the support all of you have given. I truly mean that. Knowing that you've trodden or are treading this same path makes it much easier for those of us who follow.

Carol62, I sure hope it gets easier, and soon! My fear is that once the thrill of this new change wears off, it might become harder. As you say, I do need to get into the habit of reminding myself every day. As for saving money, yes, indeed! I just rented a vacation home with the money being saved! Southeast Asia is quite reasonable, and, yes, the house is old, needs work and is way out in the sticks. Just what I wanted!

Debbieh, I sure hope so! I can hardly wait for the first month to be over. Champix hasn't really been an issue as far as I can tell. Perhaps a bit of fuzziness but that could be from any of the multitude of changes from no nicotine to no caffeine. I do want to start tapering off but I am fearful of that just yet.

Max, Grin! Much appreciated, sir!

Jenninegs, thank you. I've been drinking perhaps too much water! I feel I spend half my day peeing and the other half nibbling on something or the other! Exercise does seem to help. I got in an extra hour of sleep last night and had a good run this morning.

Nikki, it really is blind faith, isn't it? That's an interesting way to look at it. The experience of the other quitters does reinforce our faith, though. Early days for us, yet!

It sure is getting brighter, Third time. I hope it continues! I wish time would speed up back to normal; these weeks seem unusually long.

Third week, lets see what changes it brings!


Felic, I don't think I'm strong enough to have a drink just yet. Good on ya! Important part of getting back to normality and I'll have to give it a try soon (can't quit everything!). I know what you're saying, lighting up when you're alone in a public place. Now that we can step back and look at some of our nicotine related behavior, it really is quite odd, isn't it?

The house, I agree, if I don't stay busy, this will just continue make me miserable. I'll start working on it slowly in about three weeks. First order of business is to get a working internet connection!

Karri, wonderful! You're coping with insomnia far better than I. I get all anxious and bothered! I'm really glad that the sleeplessness is abating somewhat.


Felic, yes, indeed, alcohol is just one more thing to control, and, perhaps, to quit. Right now, though, just giving up caffeine and nicotine is plenty enough for me!

Mountaineering sounds like a wonderful idea. Just be careful; most of my injuries and pain is a result of climbing. As far as giving up certain people, I think that's very wise. Those who're worth having as friends will understand and be there when you're ready for them again.

Stress is sometimes unavoidable, unfortunately. I have a trip to visit the old country coming up and I know I'll be stressed out the entire time I'm there. Bid me luck!


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